Sonny Angel Japanese Good Luck Series Blind Box Toys

Type: Blind Box

Sonny Angel has delivered “healing” to people all over the world. In May 2021, we celebrate Sonny Angel’s 17th Anniversary with a new series in which Sonny Angel wears traditional Japanese “Lucky Charms” to bring you “healing” and “happiness”.

The series includes various “Lucky Charms” familiar to Japanese people and fans of Japanese culture.
The line-up of cute motifs is a great way to say, “Congratulations” and includes well-known figures such as the Lucky Cat and Guardian Dog.
If you decorate your desk or front door with these charms, you may be lucky!

The packaging for this series is inspired by “mizuhiki”, decorations created from twisted, stiff, rice paper which are traditionally used for celebrations in Japan.
The background is studded with auspicious pine, bamboo and plum designs.
These figures are perfect gifts for everyone~

Characters Include: 

Lucky Cat(招き猫),Mount Fuji(富士山),Daruma(達磨),Raccoon Dog(狸),Guardian Dog(狛犬),Ebisuten(恵比寿天)