[Pre- Order] YoYo Yeung Studio Raby SIT SIT- Baker Collectible Figurine


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Indulge in the unparalleled quality of Baker Raby's baked goodies, crafted with the freshest ingredients and rich textures.

Maybe it's his passion for baking and years of experience, but Baker Raby's once white skin now has a lovely light brown hue, with caramel tips on his ears, making his beloved chef's hat look even whiter!

Baker Raby has been a bit of a mystery, likely tucked away in the kitchen, dreaming up new delicious creations. But it's high time for him to pop out and greet everyone again!


Product Name: YoYo Yeung Studio Raby SIT SIT-  Baker Collectible Figurine

Product Details:

Size: about 9 cm

Materials: Vinyl + PU Resin