[PRE-ORDER] WeArtDoing Bento Fairies Chicken Cutlet Collectible Figurine


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“The maiden's bento is an anchor to flavor's memory,
each bite carrying a trace of the past's sweetness,
evoking unadorned healing and delight,
communicated through the warmth of the meal.

As the bento is unwrapped, time's sands are reversed countless times,
the soul sinks into a vortex amid the world's chaos,
the tangible world slowly decays, swallowed by illusion.

Before the expiration date, find your way home,
truth and kindness, desire and hardship, all lead to the true heart.
Late at night, there's always a bento waiting in the corner of the convenience store,
longing for her return.


Product Name: WeArtDoing Bento Fairies Chicken Cutlet Collectible Figurine

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Limit Edition:599 Sets