Sank Toys Lost Quartz Collectible Figurine


Product Name: Sank Toys Lost Quartz  Collectible Figurine

We gaze at the vibrant hues of the clouds, awaiting the descent of the stars in tranquillity.

In a weightless existence, we kindle romance to delight ourselves.

Our emotions find solace in the realm of dreams, gracefully frolicking.

Like the serene moonlight, the refreshing spring, or the resplendence of a rose.

We purify ourselves in the pristine flow of time, weaving an ethereal tapestry.

The enduring beauty that transcends space, never to wilt.

Size:6cm * 6.5cm * 16.7cm(Height)
Limit Edition:199 Sets
Materials: Resin

Sank Toys Lost Quartz Collectible Figurine