About Us

Toys are important tools for helping our kids learn and grow. They matter. That’s something we discovered very quickly when our first child was born in 2016. Like many first-time parents, we made it our mission to provide our son with fun and engaging toys to play with. 

But our child tended to lose interest in many of the generic toys that dominated the marketplace, so we set out to find well-designed educational toys that would help him to thrive. Moko Select was born, and our son was learning more than ever! 

We became enthusiastic about finding fantastic toys and sharing them with the world, and that’s what we do today. We source toys from across the globe—everything from early years educational toys to art and designer toys that help adults keep their imagination alive. We know that good toys have power, and we’re proud to be providers of high-quality, internationally sourced toy products. 

Moko Select is named after our family dog, a Samoyed called Moko. Moko is a bright, bubbly symbol of happiness, and that’s what we want our toy shop to be, too.