Zu&Pi X Kaiyodo The Little Prince " Le Prince - Le Harve" Vol.2 Series Blind Box Toys

Type: Blind Box

 Travelling through the rainforest from B-612 asteroid

trapped in the wilderness from afar,

all premature deaths have become bygone memories,

disappeared in the blowing wind of time,

with no remembrances of the chaos and peace that once happened.


Only in the bay of déjà vu

that in a poem’s time can we

search for what is unforgettable from the origin –

the name of the rose.

Steven Choi



Moko Select is thrilled to present to you the Little Prince "Le Petit Prince-Le Harve" series of blind box toys by Hong Kong artists Steven Choi and Kaiyodo!

As the successor of the ever-popular Le Petit Prince-Secret Tale Series, this collection is also infused with details that will melt your heart. From the delicate texture of the packaging, the porcelain-like glaze colour scheme to the elaborate astrolabe style character cards, your adventure with the little prince begins from the moment you open it.

Apart from the standard edition, we also have a limited number of the special commemorative edition (1000 sets globally), which features a different artwork for the set packaging, and a copy of special art print autographed by the Artist Steven Choi.  Please make sure you choose the "Special Commemorative Edition" Please refer to the following picture for more information. 

Zu & Pi The Little Prince " Le Prince - Le Harve" Vol.2 Series Blind Box Toys