Pop Mart X Kennyswork Molly Happy Train Party Series Blind Box Toys

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Perhaps life is a train ride. You never know the passengers you will meet, especially those who enter your life later.

This is about a train ride with Molly through history. It’s a reunion of different roles she played in the past decades, which are all about happiness and little moving moments.

From Momotaro Space Monkey Molly to Crown Princess Molly; from Killer Tomato & Chocolate r to Formosa & Shanghai singer; from Ama to Little painter, they echo your precious memory in the years past.

Each figure contains a train track, as well as connectors, link them all with either Red Locomotive or Blue Locomotive to start your journey with Molly.

The wails of whistles over the churning charge in the plain of imagination.

All aboard everyone, for the happy train party of Molly.

Regular line: Princess Molly Pink, Princess Molly Blue, Killer Tomato Molly, Killer Chocolate Molly, Space Molly Pink, Space Molly Brown, Stewardess Molly Blue, Stewardess Molly Pink, Singer Molly White, Singer Molly Blue, Ocean Girl Molly Blue, Ocean Girl Molly Green

Hidden figures: A. Happy Train locomotive red B.Happy Train Locomotive Blue +Painter Molly