Pop Mart X Momiji Christmas 2020 Series Blind Box Toys

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Did you hear that? It’s the magical jingling of eight flying reindeer pulling a sleigh across the sky.  It's that time of the year, already. 

Let's celebrate this Christmas with Momiji, and here comes the Christmas inspired POP MART X Momiji Christmas 2020 series blind boxes, just in time. 

These little cuties are a little different from traditional Momiji dolls. Firstly, they're a 'blind box' series which means that each one is a surprise; you won't know which character is inside until you open the package. There are 13 to collect in total. (If you choose to buy the whole set, you’ll get 12 different dolls. Some boxes may contain the ‘extra special’ character, but not guaranteed).

The dolls are made from vinyl so they feel a little different to resin Momiji and, as they're a little smaller there’s no message slip in the base, but you will find a special collectors card inside each box. 

May you never be too grown up to search the skies on Christmas Eve.

Pop Mart X Momiji Christmas 2020 Series Blind Box Toys